Southern French rosés,
presented by Elizabeth Gabay MW

Elizabeth Gabay’s Buyer’s Guide to the Rosés of Southern France

Having tasted over a thousand 2020 rosés from across Provence, Languedoc, the Rhone and Corsica, Elizabeth presents her top 850 recommendations to the region.

This guide, aimed at professionals, includes tasting notes and commercial information (price, availability, etc) on rosé wines from the south of France, possibly the most extensive tasting notes of rosés ever published from this region.

It will be useful for those who, with wine fairs cancelled, have few opportunities to discover new wines, and who cannot easily visit vineyards for tasting.

Supplied in PDF format only, not hardcopy.

Guides to regional and varietal typicity

“Provence-style” doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Double-tasted blind

Wines were tasted blind by two professional and experienced rosé tasters, Elizabeth Gabay MW and Ben Bernheim, with most wines tasted several times.

All price levels covered

850 recommendations for €2 cheap-and-cheerful wines, all the way up to vintage comparisons of €100+ rosés.