The book – Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution

Elizabeth Gabay MW’s pioneering book, Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution is the best and most comprehensive expert guide to rosé wines round the world: their history; viticulture, wine-making and styles; and the business of rosé wine.

Essential reading for professionals and serious wine lovers.

Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution, by Elizabeth Gabay MW. Softback, 288 pages.
Part of the Classic Wine Library from Infinite Ideas.

Elizabeth’s book on rosé wine


Elizabeth begins with a history of rosé. Its rising commercial popularity during the past 30 years has been a success story, but hasn’t necessarily helped to raise rosé’s image as a quality wine.

Winemaking and styles

In the cellar not only has there been an enormous leap over the past 10 years in the quality of rosé produced, but also a growing number of producers are experimenting with different styles – all pink – but different.

Viticulture and the business of rosé

Viticulture has developed for rosé wine production; Elizabeth shows how production for premium rosés is moving from the harvesting of unripe grapes (for the essential acidity) to planting at higher altitudes and north-facing slopes, before analysing the economics of rosé production, the role of Provence as a catalyst for change, other French rosés, and pink wines from around the world.


Undoubtedly rosé wine is a big fashion, and there is a substantial marketing and promotion network for anything pink, but its success is due more to substance than style.

Who is this book for?

Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution is essential reading for wine professionals, students and collectors as well as serious wine lovers and wine tourists.

Rosé wine is like an erupting volcano.

For the past 30 years we have had smoke and rubble in the form of generic cheap rosé, but now the smoke is beginning to clear and we can see an island forming in the shape of a new, serious wine category with complexity and challenges.

Elizabeth Gabay MW
Elizabeth Gabay MW


If one of Gabay’s goals really is to provoke conversation, she will certainly succeed.

Gabay has a depth and breadth of knowledge about rosé shared by few others and an expert palate to accompany her knowledge.
Provence WineZine

Fortunately, that treatise is now here…

What the world needs is a substantive, serious treatise on rosé. Where it’s grown, how it’s made, what it’s made from, and how it has been consumed over the centuries. Fortunately, that treatise is now here…
Donald Winkler, Editor
International Wine Review

I love the style… how it was written

– so easy to read, entertaining, and packed with information.
Ferenc Zelenak
Thirty Nine 10 Wine Merchants

…has quickly established itself as the definitive guide on the subject

Elizabeth Gabay, MW is one of the world’s foremost authorities on rosé wines. Her recent book, Rosé: Understanding the Pink Wine Revolution has quickly established itself as the definitive guide on the subject.
Joseph V Micallef

’The ugly duckling of the wine world is emerging into a beautiful swan’

That is the verdict of rose wine expert Liz Gabay MW, whose new in-depth study ‘Rose: Understanding the Pink Wine Revolution’ (£30 Infinite Ideas) is one of the first books highlighting the dynamism of rose’s fast evolving modern style.
Master of Wine

…a thoughtful, comprehensive analysis of rosé’s history and variations around the world

Elizabeth Gabay (MW) provides a thoughtful, comprehensive analysis of rosé’s history and variations around the world.
Gabay also delivers an approachable consumer’s guide to various wine regions, style, and selected producers. While this might seem like a lot of ground to cover in a single volume, she has successfully balanced the technical aspects of rosé, including the importance of terroir, with practical knowledge that could assist both experienced and novice wine drinkers choose a rosé as their next bottle of wine.
Jacob R. Straus
Journal of Wine Economics