Hi, we're Liz and Ben, authors of Rosés of Southern France. We love rosé wine. We love its diversity, its complexity, and the infinite combinations of terroir, grape variety, vintage variation and winemaking that we find around the world. Many people think we’re crazy. They see rosé as a pale pink lightly alcoholic swimming pool tipple that somehow tastes better if you’re wearing a bikini. That isn’t what this website is about.

Every two to three months, we release long-form, in-depth content that explores the world’s most interesting rosés through experiential story-telling and maps. Wine writing and education should be as exciting and innovative as the wines we talk about, so there are no listicles on, and we keep clutter and buttons to a minimum. Let us show you why we find these topics exciting in the way we think is best.

If you haven’t read anything on rosé before, you might want to start by reading our latest book, Rosés of Southern France, which covers everything from winemaking to varietals and an overview of the modern southern French rosé world - and now available in French as well. Join us in Tuscany for a look at Sangiovese's heartland and why we think it's the next-big-thing in ageworthy rosés..

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