Champagne Lanson Le Vintage (Sparkling white)

Pinot NoirChardonnay

  • 2012

    93Champagne Lanson Le Vintage (Sparkling white)

    Soft gold yellow. Strong autolysis ripe, slightly oxidative apple, quince, and hints of peachy tropical richness and coconut on the nose. On the palate lovely rich soft fruit and a bready yeasty character continues - more sourdough than fresh baguette, with austere lime zest elegance. Long length, amazingly youthful fruit and vibrant acidity for a wine which is also showing some age. Weighty and more gastronomic in style with some pithy phenolics and salinity coming through on the finish gently supplemented by a creamy bready leesiness. Both young and old at the same time. Looong length which just keeps giving lime, grapefruit, saline and white minerality. Beautiful concentration that combines elegant freshness, good acidity with nice fruit and good ripeness. Feels very grown-up and well thought-out, very international and worthy of a €60+ premium vintage cuvée.

    Tasted October 2022